At the Close of 2009

By Cindy on December 28, 2009

Well, at least 2009 was an interesting year in many ways.

Let’s see.  There is the good and the not so good.  We watched our new president settle into his first year in office.  There were the economic woes that left no one untouched.  Families were separated by another year of conflict overseas.

And 2009 held plenty of enlightenment.  At least, enlightenment for me.  I took me all year to realize this but I am in control of my future.  What happens to me is for me to decide.  It is my own doing.  From the amount of happiness I enjoy to the size of my bank account, the buck stops here.  With me.

I have learned I must continually educate myself in order to grow.  If I am not growing, I am dying.  The success of my  business depends on me and me alone.  Set the vision and then chart the course. The more clear the vision, the more quickly I’ll get there.

I have also realized I am my own worst enemy.  I knew I was my own worst critic but the enemy thing was hard for me to swallow.  All too many times I have gotten in the way of my own success.  I haven’t totally figured out how to side step myself but I am working on that.  I’ll keep you informed of my progress.

One of the biggest things I have learned this year is I need to be more open and receptive to love.  For far too long I have built walls around me and my heart to protect me from the pains of the world in which I dwell.  If people can’t get through my walls, I can’t receive the love they offer. There is no two way street through a brick wall.  If I can’t receive it, I can’t give it either.  Life here is too short for that to occur.  Next time I see you, tell me you love me and enjoy me being in your life.  I do that as often as I am able.

Be true to yourself.  Be the person you were meant to be. Be open to your own greatness.  Be open to receiving the joy and happiness people and things around you have to offer.  Give your dog a good tummy rub.  Go for a stroll with your sweetie.  Take a nap in the sunshine.  Enjoy all those small blessings that make your life experience deep and interesting.

I’m shooting for the stars in 2010.  Hope to see you on the way.

Here’s to the making your new year your personal best.

Happy New Year!

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