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Thoughts of Max, Exceptional Canine

Max  – Ground Zero Search & Rescue Hero I have really enjoyed meeting and getting to know Max and his parents, Annette and Tony Zintsmaster. Max is our very first Exceptional Canine Award recipient. Once a quarter, Scout & Zoe’s ( selects a doggie hero and awards him or her the Exceptional Canine Award for [&hellip

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Thoughts become things

I have to tell you, I am not the same person I was just a couple of years ago.

Thoughts become things. So have positive ones

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Recovery Ritual

During my coaching session with Tony Scelzo last week, Tony challenged me to document my recovery ritual. Don’t know what I am talking about? Okay, when you get into the purple haze and everything or everybody seems to be out to get you?  What do you do to exit the haze?  Exactly!  A recovery or [&hellip

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How to Get Back on Top of Your Game

This came up in a coaching session for me last week. When I am in a funk of purple haze and not operating on all cylinders, how do I shake the haze and get back into the game?

Good question! One I really had to think about for a minute or two and then just started writing.

I seriously do these things. I’m not making them up. If you don’t believe me, ask my hubby. Poor guy, he has to live with me and endure this stuff. He deserves some sort of medal

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Lion Chaser’s Manifesto

If you need inspiration, read this. It should really fire you up!

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Enjoy Life

Enjoy life and all you are faced with today. You never know when or how you will have the opportunity to change someone’s life

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More Empowerment…Divine Wisdom

When I wrote the post Empowering Beliefs, I was hopeful that my run of less than good fortune was over.  Strangely enough, it was.  Although I haven’t made the first million on my book I know I will write and publish, I am living the life I imagined when I first put pen to paper. [&hellip

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16 Rules

I have a habit of cutting and pasting quotes and stories I find interesting and stashing them in my email.  Sometimes I just put them there knowing I will need some inspiration if I am having a really bad day.  This was one.  And I believe it is from the founder of Go Daddy. I [&hellip

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Empowering Beliefs

(Appears on Rainmaker Blog dated 12/2/06) Tony Scelzo, founder of Rainmakers posted this prologue to my blog . “It is so easy to let the world hand you negative beliefs about yourself. Ones that hold you back from doing the things your are really passionate about or really destined to do. I have my clients [&hellip

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Get Back on That Horse!

(This article appears on the Rainmaker Blog dated 4-19-07) Get back on that horse sooner than later unless you want to always have that nagging fear that you could get bucked again. Easier said than done you say? Here are a few starters to get you out of that dusty funk and get back into [&hellip

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