Dwell in Possibilities

By Cindy on February 5, 2010

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“Dwell in possibility.”

– Emily Dickinson

What a beautiful and poignant thought this is. Just reading these words inspires me to take up residence in this place Emily Dickinson calls “possibility.” The fact is, however, life is filled with possibilities and they’re all around us.

The only things that aren’t possible are the things we decide are impossible and give up our quest for them. Every time I make this statement there are bound to be a handful of folks who want to argue the point. They begin to throw a verbal list of things at me that they “know” are impossible and expect me to debate these issues with them.

I usually just agree with them that there are some things that are impossible: the wheel, the silly notion that the earth is round, the light bulb, a machine that will replace the horse and buggy, a machine that can fly through the air carrying passengers around the world, vaccines for Polio and so many other diseases, cell phones, space travel, computers, the Internet and all the other miraculous discoveries that will be possible in the future because someone refused to believe that anything is impossible.

Those who carry a mental list of all the things that are impossible appear to me as fools. The fact is that the things they rattle off as “impossible” could not be in their minds if they were not possible. Stay opened minded and realize that someone, somewhere, someday will eventually bring to fruition all the things believed by some to be impossible today.

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