How to Get Back on Top of Your Game

By Cindy on August 3, 2009

This came up in a coaching session for me last week.  When I am in a funk of purple haze and not operating on all cylinders, how do I shake the haze and get back into the game?

Good question!  One I really had to think about for a minute or two and then just started writing.

I seriously do these things.  I’m not making them up.  If you don’t believe me, ask my hubby.  Poor guy, he has to live with me and endure this stuff.  He deserves some sort of medal.

Things I Did to Get Back on Top of My Game?

List all burning questions and demand answers, in an assertive kind of way

Draw line in the sand to eject or carry on

FOCUS on my goal for that day!

Watch the news in fast forward and only listen to the positive parts like “Making a Difference”

Walk faster

Eat fruit and nuts!

Listen to upbeat music really loud

Sing to loud music loudly and off key.  This actually takes quite a bit of concentration.  Try it.

Don’t listen to bad news of any sort.

Stop screwing around on the Internet wasting time with FB, Twitter, etc. and stupid games.  Stop killing time.  It is a limited commodity!

Don’t try to get anyone’s opinion; nobody’s matters but mine. I drive the train and put it into motion.

Forgive and release.  Holding a grudge takes too much time and effort.

Start making lists of things I have to do.

Clear out my office and throw stuff away.

Blog, blog and blog some more.

Watch funny movies and shows, when I watch television.  I suggest The Office.  It is hysterical.

Spend time with my dogs and watch them frolic, wrestle and play with me and each other.  They are pure joy and unbridled, simple, unconditional love!

Grab a hoe, head out to my flowers and hoe weeds until I give those weeds a good what-for!

Scream really loud and shout obscenities in my attic with no one around.  Then head downstairs feeling clear-headed and refreshed in a primal kind of way.

Don’t know if these things will work for you, but they work wonders for me.  I strongly suggest the hoe and the scream.  Very good for letting go of steam……

Now what are you waiting for?  Don’t you have mountains and windmills to conquer?

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  1. Dheyaa says:

    Hi Farah, well written! I beileve in being grateful is the key to unlocking more abundance in our lives. The universe will only give us more once we appreciate what we have NOW. If we do not appreciate what we have now, how can we possibly fathom better things when we are given more? One great example is giving. If we cannot give some of the money we have now (no matter how little it is), how can we possibly give MORE when we have money in the multitude of millions? I too have written something similar on Be-Do-Have philosophy on my site. It’s great to see it from a different perspective! ThanksKind regards, Trevi

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