Real Life Business Lesson

By Cindy on February 3, 2010

Passion and emotion usually get the better of me and that is when I write.

Today, I just have to put this out there. I think there are many people who will benefit from my post today.

I have been trying to do business with a local company so I made the initial contact. I waited a couple of days for the return phone call and didn’t receive one, so I called back. Once again I waited for a couple of days for the company representative to contact me. No call. No email. So I called again. I made three calls letting the company know I wanted to engage their services.

And three times, they did not respond.

I am going to take off my paranoia hat and know that it just isn’t me. This company doesn’t know me or my company. For all they know, I could spend a $100 or $10,000. They just don’t know. And they won’t now.

I won’t call back again. Three times is my limit.

I just can’t beg someone to let me pay them for my business. No company or person is that good at anything. There is something in my DNA that won’t allow me to do it. Just goes against my grain.

Perhaps the company is too busy to take new clients. That is a good thing for the company. The down side of that is I will contact their competitor.

So the positive take away here is when someone calls or contacts you, RETURN THEIR PHONE CALL OR EMAIL. Until you return the call, you don’t know the scope of the opportunity that awaits you. Could be nothing or it could be enormous. You will never know until you pick up the phone and talk.

Opportunity knocks at our doors daily. Don’t look through the peep hole to see who is there, open the door wide to embrace the challenge. Take the time to see who or what awaits your reply.

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