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At the Close of 2009

Well, at least 2009 was an interesting year in many ways. Let’s see.  There is the good and the not so good.  We watched our new president settle into his first year in office.  There were the economic woes that left no one untouched.  Families were separated by another year of conflict overseas. And 2009 [&hellip

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Lion Chaser’s Manifesto

If you need inspiration, read this. It should really fire you up!

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More Empowerment…Divine Wisdom

When I wrote the post Empowering Beliefs, I was hopeful that my run of less than good fortune was over.  Strangely enough, it was.  Although I haven’t made the first million on my book I know I will write and publish, I am living the life I imagined when I first put pen to paper. [&hellip

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