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My Inner Editor Comes Out

Okay, straight up. This is a rant.

In today’s world where spell check and grammar check are readily available in word processing software, I can’t seem to forgive incorrectly spelled words. Yes, I do realize if you are creating something in Publisher,

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Real Life Business Lesson

Passion and emotion usually get the better of me and that is when I write. Today, I just have to put this out there. I think there are many people who will benefit from my post today. I have been trying to do business with a local company so I made the initial contact. I [&hellip

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At the Close of 2009

Well, at least 2009 was an interesting year in many ways. Let’s see.  There is the good and the not so good.  We watched our new president settle into his first year in office.  There were the economic woes that left no one untouched.  Families were separated by another year of conflict overseas. And 2009 [&hellip

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