The Animal Rescue Site Needs Your Help

By Cindy on May 8, 2010

I’ve known about this site and have been a regular visitor for a number of years. The premise is simple. Visit the site daily and click the purple box to donate food to abandoned and neglected animals. Doesn’t cost anything. Just visit and click and feel good knowing you were part of helping feed hungry animals.

Apparently, the site has not had the traffic it needs to meet its quota for the food donations.

Come on. It’s easy. It feels good. And it doesn’t cost you any money. Just the click of a mouse once a day.

Here’s the link.

You can also click on the Animal Rescue Site logo in this post. It will take you to the donations page.

Do something good and never leave your favorite chair.  I’m going to click now while I sit next to Scout and Zoe, my doggie pals, in our warm house sheltered from the cold wind tonight. They are both sleeping after having eaten until they are full.

Not all animals are given this kind of love and attention. Give food to animals who could really use a helping hand.

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