Thoughts of Max, Exceptional Canine

By Cindy on July 10, 2010

Max  – Ground Zero Search & Rescue Hero

I have really enjoyed meeting and getting to know Max and his parents, Annette and Tony Zintsmaster. Max is our very first Exceptional Canine Award recipient. Once a quarter, Scout & Zoe’s ( selects a doggie hero and awards him or her the Exceptional Canine Award for bravery in the face of adversity. In Max’s case, his heroism is legendary. Max and Annette braved the surreal scene looking for survivors at Ground Zero after the Twin Towers were demolished by terrorists in 2001.

The Zintsmasters welcomed me into their home and shared their tale of courage as well as the thrill of interacting with Max.

Max is a sweetheart. The years may have taken the sparkle from him eyes and the spring from his step, but his heart has never beat stronger. He welcomes each visitor with the determination of a champion. Each time I visited, he met me at the door and entertained me until I left. He is a very vocal guy and talked with me during the entire visit.

Each time as I returned with more guests and he rose to the occasion and greeted each individual enticing them to come and play….spend time with me…..I am worth getting to know. And he is. Everyone should be so fortunate to meet Max.

I have only known Max a little over two months now but my eyes grow misty when I consider a world without our exceptional canine, Max. Thank God he followed Annette to her truck 15 years ago. Thank God Annette gave into her heart to train this curious little pup. Thank God the two of them set aside their daily duties and answered the call for first responders on September 11, 2001. We needed Max and Annette to give us hope when we were hopeless. We needed Max and his brother Kaiser to hug when the search for survivors produced no survivors.

We will never forget you Max.

Thank you for your service and for your determination. Thank you for your loyalty and spirit. Thank you for being all heart.

We love you with all of ours.

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